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Viewing invoices

  • June 14, 2011

How to view your invoices:

  1. On the Helpdesk dashboard, if you have an outstanding invoice that needs to be paid in the Outstanding Invoices box will be shown.
  2. If you don't have any outstanding invoices there will be a message saying so within the Oustanding Invoices box..
  3. To view all of your invoices click on the See all your invoices link.
  4. You invoices will be sorted in reverse chronological order with the most recent due date at the top. Each invoice will have:
    • the due date for the invoice
    • the description with the invoice number and a PDF version of the invoice
    • the Total Amount the invoice is for
    • the balance due for this invoice
    • the status of the invoice; paid or not paid
  5. You can click on the invoice in the description section to view the invoice and pay it.

Note: For most or all hosting accounts the amount due and balance due will be the same. If the account is for developing a website where the total cost is higher then there may be a partial payment applied.

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