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  • Need the Best Hosting in the Business?

    March 10, 2016 by Eric Amundson
  • As you may know, IvyCat provided web hosting until the beginning of 2015, when we decided to leave hosting to the pros so we could focus on our web design and WordPress services.

    We started by identifing a few hosts that we were excited to work with, and felt we could recommend to our customers, knowing you'd not only get top-of-the-line hosting, but also great support and wicked speed to back it up.

    Here are two of our current favorite web and WordPress hosts:

    1. SiteGround - this company is without a doubt, the best hosting company any of us have ever worked with.  Their super-fast support, rock-solid servers, and fun, giving company culture make SiteGround our top recommendation. They also have great expertise with WordPress, but also allow other non-WordPress sites on their servers.
    2. WP Engine - this is a WordPress-only host and, while they only host WordPress sites, they do it very well and have implemented cool features making it easier for site owners and developers to manage their hosting from within WordPress.
    While these are two of our favorite hosts, they're by no means the only great hosts out there - they're just the hosts with which we have the most experience and we can confidently stand behind their services and support.
    If you have questions or need recommendations on hosting for your site, we're happy to help get you started - just contact us and we'll be happy to help.

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