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You Need Superhero WordPress Hosting, We Have Suggestions

  • July 6, 2020 by Eric Amundson

IvyCat provided web hosting until the beginning of 2015 when we decided to focus on our web design and WordPress services. It was a great call for us and we're able to partner with excellent WordPress hosts we really believe in.

Over decades of working with hosts and customers, we know that a good host means more than cost. It can be the difference between fleeing customers and rabid fans. A speedy site helps everyone from the site owner to the end user. Faster really is better but it needs to come with superhero-level support.

There are many good hosts out there and fewer that really soar above the pack.

The following three hosts are fantastic. We're always excited to work with their platforms and have no reservations recommending them to our customers, knowing they provide both fast and capable hosting with responsive customer support.

Here are three of our current favorite web and WordPress hosts:

  1. SiteGround has a lot of expertise with WordPress but you can run other non-WordPress sites on their servers too.
  2. WP Engine is a WordPress-only host and they do it very well. WP Engine is among the fastest WordPress hosting on the planet and they have lots of tools aimed at good development workflows and practices.
  3. Pantheon specializes in hosting both WordPress and Drupal sites and they do it very well. Pantheon's platform is part web-host and part WebOps development tools. Pantheon is also blazing fast.

While these are three of our favorite hosts, they're by no means the only great hosts out there - they're just the hosts with which we have the most experience and we can confidently stand behind their services and support.

If you have questions or need recommendations on hosting for your site, we're happy to help get you started - just contact us and we'll be thrilled to help.

If you'd like to upgrade your hosting, we're happy to help with that too.